CRM 2013 Subgrids Not Available in Control Collection onLoad

This isn’t categorized as a bug by Microsoft, but subgrid controls will not appear in the Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get() collection since the subgrids actually load AFTER the onLoad event fires.  I don’t like the design, but I can see where it would provide loading performance benefits.  Since there isn’t any real “supported” things you can do with … Continue reading

Managed Solution Field Name Conflict

EDIT: I have only tested this in a couple of different UR levels in CRM 2011.  Other than that, you may need to change things around to get it to work. One issue I run into with managed solutions on a regular basis is field name conflicts.  This has been fairly well documented online, but … Continue reading

Data Import Helper Widget

If you’ve ever done a major data import effort, either from another CRM system or spreadsheets or whatever (I had to combine a slew of Excel spreadsheets with two Access databases and bring in some dbase data as well one time, I still have nightmares), you will run into issues with special characters hosing up … Continue reading