Javascript to Test if a Value is Unique Across All Entity Instances

One thing I have run into numerous times is a client requirement to be able to enter a value, usuall some kind of ID number, and have it be a unique value. Obviously CRM’s autonumbering system doesn’t work here, and you can’t just use Math.random() either. Niether of the two solutions above are really flexible … Continue reading

Quick and easy function to save all Read only fields

One thing that has always irritated me to no end about CRM is the fact that it doesn’t write read only fields to the database when saving.  I mean c’mon!  There is is extensive scripting ability and API, and numerous reasons why you would want to have a field that is only able to be … Continue reading

Data Import Helper Widget

If you’ve ever done a major data import effort, either from another CRM system or spreadsheets or whatever (I had to combine a slew of Excel spreadsheets with two Access databases and bring in some dbase data as well one time, I still have nightmares), you will run into issues with special characters hosing up … Continue reading

JavaScript to Total Columns in SubGrid on Insert of new record

So I came across a project where I needed to create payment records in CRM and then export into a spreadsheet for importing into GP to run checks.  Yes I know CRM is not really inteded to be an accounting system, and that it could be integrated, blah blah blah, but without going into the … Continue reading

Hey I have a blog! Friggin’ sweet.

My name is Travis Boyle, I am a Microsoft Dynamics XRM/CRM consultant based in the frozen north of Anchorage, Alaska but have led implementations nationwide. I decided to start posting some of the more interested things I have figured out with XRM over the years, so I’ll be posting whenever I come up with a … Continue reading