CRM 2013 – Actions Are My New Favorite Feature

So when originally previewing all the new stuff in CRM 2013 I kind of glossed over Actions.  A new type of workflow, meh, hopefully its not as worthless as Dialogs.  However, last week I had the opportunity to really dig into them and found out that they really have massive customization implications.  Including, duh, duh, … Continue reading

Managed Solution Field Name Conflict

EDIT: I have only tested this in a couple of different UR levels in CRM 2011.  Other than that, you may need to change things around to get it to work. One issue I run into with managed solutions on a regular basis is field name conflicts.  This has been fairly well documented online, but … Continue reading

CRM Reports Showing Blank

So had a really weird thing happen today.  Several users suddenly could no longer run reports.  The report would hang in between reading the rdl and pulling the data, so the parameters and toolbar would show, but the data being loaded spinny icon would never appear.  The report would just display blank.  No errors, nothing … Continue reading

Advanced Find Query From the Ribbon

I had an interesting request come in from a client.  They wanted to be able to run a query across two N:N relationships to return all account holders for a certain account.  They use CRM for referral tracking, and have it pushed down to their front line staff for this purpose, who do not have … Continue reading

Bug in ValueRule

So after several hours of frustration, I realized I found a bug in the ValueRule node inside of a DisplayRule node. This: <EnableRule Id=”SLA.EnableRule.DocGenTrue”> <ValueRule Default=”false” Field=”new_sladocumentgenerated” Value=”true”></ValueRule> </EnableRule> works just fine.  However, once you put it inside of a DisplayRule node it breaks and returns false and does not display the button.  You need … Continue reading

Quick and easy function to save all Read only fields

One thing that has always irritated me to no end about CRM is the fact that it doesn’t write read only fields to the database when saving.  I mean c’mon!  There is is extensive scripting ability and API, and numerous reasons why you would want to have a field that is only able to be … Continue reading

Data Import Helper Widget

If you’ve ever done a major data import effort, either from another CRM system or spreadsheets or whatever (I had to combine a slew of Excel spreadsheets with two Access databases and bring in some dbase data as well one time, I still have nightmares), you will run into issues with special characters hosing up … Continue reading

JavaScript to Total Columns in SubGrid on Insert of new record

So I came across a project where I needed to create payment records in CRM and then export into a spreadsheet for importing into GP to run checks.  Yes I know CRM is not really inteded to be an accounting system, and that it could be integrated, blah blah blah, but without going into the … Continue reading