CRM 2013 Subgrids Not Available in Control Collection onLoad

This isn’t categorized as a bug by Microsoft, but subgrid controls will not appear in the Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get() collection since the subgrids actually load AFTER the onLoad event fires.  I don’t like the design, but I can see where it would provide loading performance benefits.  Since there isn’t any real “supported” things you can do with a subgrid onLoad it shouldn’t really matter.  And of course nobody would do any unsupported things in CRM now would they…..

See my next post to see how to make all controls, including subgrids, be disabled onLoad.  You should be able to extrapolate this into attaching to the refresh event of the grid, et cetera.

2 Responses to “CRM 2013 Subgrids Not Available in Control Collection onLoad”
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  1. […] After confirming that my code was correct I investigated CRM 2013 specific posts. According to one post CRM 2013 does not expose subgrids in the OnLoad […]

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