CRM Reports Showing Blank

So had a really weird thing happen today.  Several users suddenly could no longer run reports.  The report would hang in between reading the rdl and pulling the data, so the parameters and toolbar would show, but the data being loaded spinny icon would never appear.  The report would just display blank.  No errors, nothing elucidating in the log file, nothing.  Eventually, I connected the dots and realized they had lost reporting capability around the time we blew away some old organizations that were used as development environments.

The users’ default org had been deleted, and they had been apparently randomly assigned to default to a new org.  One in which they had a user record, but did not have a security role assigned.  If you do not have security role in your default org you cannot access reports in ANY org. Talk about a kind of random bug.

Took a while to track that one down.

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