Plug-in assembly does not contain the required types or assembly content cannot be updated. – Fixed!

I’ve had to troubleshoot and resolve this error message several times while developing plugins.  I go to update the plugin after changing some code and rebuilding, and <poof> all of a sudden nothing works.  The first time this happened it took me literally hours to resolve and much swearing occurred since I couldn’t find anything out there on this error that seemed to make sense.

I hadn’t changed any class or namespace names and  I had default constructors for everything, which were the causes for this error that existed on the web.

Eventually, I figured out the problem though: I was using early bound entity classes, which I had created with the CRMCVSUtil tool, and someone had made a change to the CRM schema which removed a few fields.  These fields were still referenced in the class file though, and that is what the registration tool was puking on.

The solution was extremely simple: re-run the tool to regenerate the class file and reinsert it into my project and rebuild.  Wahla! Back in business.

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