Bug in ValueRule

So after several hours of frustration, I realized I found a bug in the ValueRule node inside of a DisplayRule node.


<EnableRule Id=”SLA.EnableRule.DocGenTrue”>
<ValueRule Default=”false” Field=”new_sladocumentgenerated” Value=”true”></ValueRule>

works just fine.  However, once you put it inside of a DisplayRule node it breaks and returns false and does not display the button.  You need to change it to this:

<DisplayRule Id=”SLA.DisplayRule.DocGenTrue”>
<ValueRule Default=”false” Field=”new_sladocumentgenerated” Value=”1″ InvertResult=”false”></ValueRule>

Notice that the Value attribute is no longer “true” it is “1”.  True/False doesn’t seem to work inside of the DisplayRule node.  Hope this helps someone else.

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