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CRM 2013 – Actions Are My New Favorite Feature

So when originally previewing all the new stuff in CRM 2013 I kind of glossed over Actions.  A new type of workflow, meh, hopefully its not as worthless as Dialogs.  However, last week I had the opportunity to really dig into them and found out that they really have massive customization implications.  Including, duh, duh, … Continue reading

Update Optionset Values in Header

CRM 2013 allows us to have updateable fields in the header.  Great!  One thing I’ve wanted in a number of scenarios is an updatable Status Reason field up there.  So today I was rolling out a form that one user type will submit, and another user type will approve.  They will do this by setting … Continue reading

CRM 2013 Make All Controls (Including Subgrids) Disabled onLoad

So I came across a client requirement that basically meant I was going to have to make all controls disabled in the onLoad event of the form with script.  No problem right?  Just get all the controls set disabled to true, and BAM!  Only problem is there are subgrids on the forms, and they need … Continue reading

CRM 2013 Subgrids Not Available in Control Collection onLoad

This isn’t categorized as a bug by Microsoft, but subgrid controls will not appear in the Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get() collection since the subgrids actually load AFTER the onLoad event fires.  I don’t like the design, but I can see where it would provide loading performance benefits.  Since there isn’t any real “supported” things you can do with … Continue reading

Managed Solution Field Name Conflict

EDIT: I have only tested this in a couple of different UR levels in CRM 2011.  Other than that, you may need to change things around to get it to work. One issue I run into with managed solutions on a regular basis is field name conflicts.  This has been fairly well documented online, but … Continue reading

Organization Import Failed, Delete Statement conflicted with the Reference constraint “FK_BusinessUnitExtensionBase_BusinessUnitBase”.

So I was having a client import a database from production back to test to do some testing with live data and the second time they tried to import a copy of prod into the test environment, we started seeing this error. Going through the log I found the fairly non-helpful (as usual with CRM … Continue reading

CRM Reports Showing Blank

So had a really weird thing happen today.  Several users suddenly could no longer run reports.  The report would hang in between reading the rdl and pulling the data, so the parameters and toolbar would show, but the data being loaded spinny icon would never appear.  The report would just display blank.  No errors, nothing … Continue reading

Advanced Find Query From the Ribbon

I had an interesting request come in from a client.  They wanted to be able to run a query across two N:N relationships to return all account holders for a certain account.  They use CRM for referral tracking, and have it pushed down to their front line staff for this purpose, who do not have … Continue reading

Plug-in assembly does not contain the required types or assembly content cannot be updated. – Fixed!

I’ve had to troubleshoot and resolve this error message several times while developing plugins.  I go to update the plugin after changing some code and rebuilding, and <poof> all of a sudden nothing works.  The first time this happened it took me literally hours to resolve and much swearing occurred since I couldn’t find anything … Continue reading

Bug in ValueRule

So after several hours of frustration, I realized I found a bug in the ValueRule node inside of a DisplayRule node. This: <EnableRule Id=”SLA.EnableRule.DocGenTrue”> <ValueRule Default=”false” Field=”new_sladocumentgenerated” Value=”true”></ValueRule> </EnableRule> works just fine.  However, once you put it inside of a DisplayRule node it breaks and returns false and does not display the button.  You need … Continue reading